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I’d been writing for another artist and just wrapping up things with their project when I was asked why I never penned a vocal album myself.  My response was easy “because I don’t sing” Lol but after thinking more about it I thought ‘why not’? Maybe I’d just write ONE vocal tune for my next Smooth Jazz CD and call it a day.

After hearing the tune ‘Breathe’ and really getting into the melody of things with the tune I begin to look for an artist who would deliver my intent. I found the perfect match and fell in love with the outcome.

From there the writing bug hit and I begin to pen one song after the next until I had penned 26 tunes of my own. I probably could’ve continued easily but needed to stop and begin production on these ideas.

As I produced the tracks I also looked for vocalist who could convey its interpretation with truth and skill – this was the fun part! Getting the feedback from various artist on the tracks I’d chosen for them to sing was so inspiring!

I narrowed the project down to 15 tracks and the rest is history in the making! Pen 2 Paper is Here!

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