My Favorite Things

November 25, 2016

I’ve recently had the pleasure of working with one of the most beautifully talented artist in the industry.  When Nikki5cd6519e98ad5f20355b3593cb45135d approached me with the opportunity to produce an old Holiday Classic, it was a no-brainer! Not only did I enjoy the opportunity to work with Nikki but I too am a huge Rodgers and Hammerstein fan!

‘My Favorite Things’  is already a wonderfully written song with an iconic bridge and memorable chorus which have stood the test of time.

I chose to bring a orchestrational transition to the song as well as some signature styles I think you’ll come to appreciate all the more as you listen to the final piece.

I hope you enjoy  ‘My Favorite Things’  produced by myself featuring the incredible Nikki Allen.

1st Single from Tim's upcoming Album 'The Vocal Sessions' Winter 2016
1st Single from Tim’s upcoming Album
‘The Vocal Sessions’

This song was written to bring awareness to a very dark and often times secretive topic. Domestic Violence is not only causing the break-up of families, but also the deaths of more women than ever before.

Please – if you or someone you know is a victim of DV call the number listed below, you are not alone and it is not your fault.


This track is available to hear in its entirety exclusively on my website, but won’t be able to be purchased until the release of ‘Vocal Sessions’  ~ 2017

Thank You as always
Musically yours

With the release of ‘Up & At’em’ in particular the radio single ‘When Marie Smiles’ 2015 ended in ‘hi-speed’!  I’ve met some wonderful people, made some great connections and was introduced to some awesome radio personalities who’ve been playing my music around the globe.

We’ve charted in the National Billboards at #19 in the nation, signed commercial contracts and even scored for small screen plays and web series.  Whew! 🙂

2016 is upon us and with all that I’ve been blessed to be a part of the one thing I am aiming to do more of is ‘give’.

There are so many people who have needs, so many young entrepreneurs with ideas who just need a little help getting them off the ground. With each CD purchase, download, donation or gift you give we are able to do just that.

I am happy to know that I have the best music partners EVER and you all have proven that time and time again.  Let’s continue to help and give even more in 2016, together we are making history!

Happy New Year!

Yours Musically ~


Hi, welcome to my website, I invite you enjoy the vibe here and take time to listen to a few tunes while you visit.  I am working on a photo page for you as well as a video page for a little visual vibe.  One of the coolest pages is the guest book, I would love for you to leave a note and let me know you were here, say hi and meet new friends also.

If you have suggestions as to what you’d like to see on the site please email me using the contact page and let me know.  I am always glad to hear from my partners!  Thank you again for stopping by and be sure to tell a friend or relative about ‘Up & At’em or better yet, just send them the link!


BDS Billboards #19

October 25, 2015

What can I say? I am overjoyed at the support and love everyone is showing for my new CD as well as the Radio Single.  With so many things happening musically for me I have to say ‘thank you’ again for sharing my music on your social pages, telling relatives, and requesting radio play.

I’ve had the opportunity to do some radio interviews and other fun things that I’ll be sharing with you shortly.  ‘Up & At’em’ has been featured in magazines and on line reviews across the country it’s always cool seeing them on the web also!

I am grateful and appreciative to each of you, without you the journey wouldn’t be as meaningful as it has been.  Keep those stories and encouraging emails of how my music has made a difference in your life coming!  I read them and they help inspire me more than you know.

With just two weeks on the charts “When Marie Smiles” continues its upward momentum as it has taken a leap to the 27th spot on the BDS Smooth Jazz charts.   Radio stations and listeners as showing a huge amount of love for the single and request are continuing to come in from all over the nation, thank you!

Lets keep this hot single rising, with your help we could be looking at the #26 spot in the nation next week!

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