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Tim's New Single
'Feeling Alright' is here.
Listen for it on your favorite Smooth Jazz Stations!


From Branding to Production

Tim Watson has honed his creative style to an art form like a tailor-made suit.

As the founder and driving force behind his Creative Son Media brand, Tim has embraced his entrepreneurial spirit full on and hasn’t looked back. Tim’s work spans both television, radio, podcast development, and editorial manuscripts respectively.

“I don’t care for the box mentality; something about it limits the creative mind and prohibits exploration. I don’t do creative boxes,"(NPR interview) Tim Watson.



Billboards & Radio

“Tim’s evolution as a writer is consistently pleasant from his music production to melody and arrangement, this guy continues to impress his style is addictive…” (UK Smooth Jazz Blog)

While writing and arranging Billboard tunes for other artist, Tim also enjoys his own top 20 Billboard placements and various top ten and number one slots across the nation.


'Feeling Alright' Hits the Airwaves July 10th!

I am so ready to for you to experience a fresh vibe with me! Listen, you and I both know how ‘Life be Lif’n’ lol right? But even during all that noise, you manage to find the strength to work through your pain, your fears, your disappointments, and everything else thrown your way.

After the test, and even during the challenges you know there’s a higher power working within your life bringing out the best version of that person you see in the mirror each day.

And that’s when you raise your head, nod in agreement with the inner voice and say “yeah, I’m Feeling Alright”!

Fam, July 10th join me as we release my newest single ‘Feeling Alright’!

You were on my mind as I sat down to write this tune and it is yours to enjoy!

Love you from here to creative infinity!